Safety Advice For This Holiday Season

During this holiday season, it is expected that family members will visit and some of them will stay overnight or perhaps spend some days with the family.  Rooms are needed and the habitable space available becomes a bit too crowded. Many family home projects are done during this season to freshen up your home or to provide room needed for those out of town families.  If you are thinking along those lines, and you need extra space to shelter the relatives, waterproofing your basement before starting a basement remodeling project is one of the projects that will increase the value of your home while providing a cleaner, better living place for you.

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Don’t Let Clogged Drains Ruin Your Winter

In the especially brutal winters that Toronto is sometimes host to, it is especially crucial that homeowners keep the drains clean, clear, and well maintained by a professional drain cleaning service. When pipes are clogged in freezing weather, not only does the water freeze within the pipes, so does whatever is causing the clog, which can be an especially annoying and costly mess during the winter months. Contrary to what many people may believe, even minor clogged drains can cause serious problems to the plumbing system, which is why it is very important that homeowners enlist the help of a professional plumber before the problem worsens, so the problem be fixed as quickly as possible.

Along with the obvious mechanical problems that can arise when plumbing issues are not taken care of promptly, there is the problem of gray water, a nuisance not often though about. Gray water is filled with harmful bacteria, which pose a great health hazard if the water backs up and drains out onto the floor or into the sinks. If you’re like most households and plan to host a few people for dinner of a gathering over the winter, it’s imperative you keep the number of emergency drain cleaning services handy, just in case something goes horribly awry.

Guidelines for a warm, safe home during the holidays


As the holiday season fast approaches, cooler weather can create potential hazards in your home.

While warm days are still a possibility, as the end of the year comes up, the weather will soon shift to cooler temperatures

The Amarillo Fire Department has released a list of actions one can do to keep your home warm and safe.

Following these actions can prevent accidents in your home or on your property:

  • Always keep a safety zone around heating equipment
  • Keep children and pets supervised
  • Never leave any form of cooking unattended
  • Secure all vacant or outbuildings on property
  • Be sure to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Space heaters and other warming devices are an effective way to heat your home while saving money. However, those devices can also create an extreme fire hazard.

Flood Insurance Coverage; Do You Have It?


If hurricanes Irma and Harvey have taught us anything is the fact that natural disasters can occur quickly, and with disastrous consequences.  Hurricanes in the United States are commonplace, specially in Florida and the coastal regions of the country. 

With the hurricanes or heavy rains, flooding is a natural disaster that can occur to any of us.  Flooding can affect people in  every state, and is one of the most common natural disasters in the country.

As homeowners, we cannot control the occurrence of hurricanes, nor  predict the severity or the financial implications that come along with those disasters, but we can help our homes and our financial stability  by ensuring that we do have flood insurance for our homes.

If you have homeowners insurance, it does not mean you have flood insurance.  Make sure you buy it separately through your home insurance agent, so you know you are protected.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) one inch of water in your home can cost you more than $20,000 in damages, why risk not having flood insurance coverage?

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What Flood Insurance Does and Does Not Cover

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey puts renewed attention on the policies. Here’s what you need to know.

The devastation from Hurricane Irma is far from over, but property owners in Florida—as well as those who faced Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana—are already facing the daunting task of rebuilding.

Beyond the human tragedy, the widespread flood damage caused by the storm serves as an important reminder to homeowners in the region—and around the country—about what is covered by insurance and what you need to know about protecting yourself.

As most property owners know, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. But even in Florida, Texas and Louisiana—where many people live in coastal areas—only about 20 percent have flood insurance, according to a study by the Washington Post.

About 80% of Hurricane Harvey victims do not have flood insurance, face big bills

NEW YORK – Homeowners suffering flood damage from Harvey are more likely to be on the hook for losses than victims of prior storms — a potentially crushing blow to personal finances and neighborhoods along the Gulf Coast.

Insurance experts say only a small fraction of homeowners in Harvey’s path of destruction have flood insurance. That means families with flooded basements, soaked furniture and water-damaged walls will have to dig deep into their pockets or take on more debt to fix up their homes. Some may be forced to sell, if they can, and leave their communities.

All these people taken out in boats, they have a second problem: They have no insurance,” said Robert Hunter, director of insurance at the Consumer Federation of America.

Home Improvements For The Fall

There are many home issues to keep mind when buying or remodeling  a home.  The biggest home tickets are the roof, a foundation stabilization problem, basement waterproofing and the installation of an Air condition and heating system.

A roof in need of repairs can be visible from the outside.  Loose shingles or other issues like water getting into some parts of your home are visible to you and do not need a home inspector to tell you that.  A new roof is an expensive project for the homeowner, but one that cannot be postponed.

For the foundation of your home, there are two types of foundation problems: cracks that are visible to you and can become a bigger issue if ignored.  And the  displacement from unstable soil, faulty construction, old concrete , tree roots that are too close to the foundation, or the foundation has been exposed to too much water through out the years and has deteriorated over time.  Some of the early signs that you have a problem with the stability of your home are: Uneven flooring, cracked tiles or windows, and windows and doors not closing properly.

Like the roof, a foundation repair can be costly.  And if you had problems with the foundation and ignored the issues, the problems likely got worse, and so will the price.  The roof and the foundation are issues that if ignored can be costly later on.  The damage will be more and the work and material needed to solve those issues are going to cost you more.

The air conditioning and heating system is an expensive addition  to any home, but the financing is almost always available through the same companies that offer you the system.  Nowadays, the refinancing for a heating and cooling systems is about three years.  After that, you only need to maintain the upkeep of the system. With a new system, it is only a yearly checkup for the AC and the furnace in the home .

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Home Improvement May Be More Affordable Than You Expect: 3 True Stories

Would you love to upgrade or repair your home? Is there a home improvement project you’ve had simmering on the back burner for ages … but never got around to because you assumed you couldn’t afford it? Well, think again. Home repair and upgrade may be more affordable than you thought. You just need to be a little flexible, do your homework, and find a contractor who’s right for you. Read 3 true stories of homeowners who discovered that high-quality home improvement didn’t have to bust their budget.


When we bought our home a year ago, we really wanted to rip out the ugly old deck (which was splintered, with loose boards and peeling paint) and do brick pavers instead. However, we couldn’t afford everything on our “to-do” home repair list all at once.


Ohio Basement Remodeling

Remodeling your basement in the Summer is a great idea because it can be a cool place for your family to spend time without the need of the air conditioner set high.

The basement finishing cost does not need to be high.  You can get some basement finishing ideas and fix things up yourself if you want, but you first have to be sure you do not run the risk of a leak in basement.

The basement finishing cost goes up a great deal if you do the work and then have it ruined by a sudden basement leak.  So before you begin have a good basement waterproofing contractor come out and take a look.

Some Ohio basement waterproofing companies like Pioneer will not only look at basement waterproofing issues but also the homeowners foundation repair needs.  While it is often not needed, it is important to do if you have bowed basement walls or need foundation reinforcement. 

You do not want to invest in a finished basement without assuring that your basement is in good shape.  The cost to finish a basement twice is double the price.


Ohio Basement Waterproofing – A Common Need

If you have a home in Ohio that includes a basement, then you need to consider investing in basement waterproofing. This is something that will really protect you and your home. Basement water leaks happen all of the time. This is something that could really result in everything from wet basement mold to flooding. The cost to finish a basement is much lower than the cost to repair basement’s walls on a yearly basis or to replace invaluable items like photographs. The following are some reasons to invest in a Ohio basement waterproofing company.

Waterproofing or finishing your basement is a smart idea because it keeps your home safe. One leak could lead to more leaks and this in turn could cause some serious damage to the basement. This isn’t something to ignore. One leaky wall can really affect other areas of your home.

Another great reason to waterproof your home is that you can then turn the basement into more than a storage unit. This means that you can build a home fitness center in this space or even a home theater or playroom. Ohio basement waterproofing gives you more options for how to use your home. This also will increase your home’s value.

Why Should You Refinish Your Basement?

If you live in a home with an unfinished basement, the idea of finishing it might be a lot like doing your taxes early—it would be a great idea, but it probably won’t happen. Maybe you should give it another thought, though. Refinishing your basement is too big a job for most people to do themselves, but the cost of having someone finish your basement for you might not be as much as you think. Here are three good reasons to do it.

First, a finished basement is the simplest way to have more space in your home. You probably can’t afford to build on another room. Here’s a quick and cheap way to get much more space.

Second, many unfinished basements are damp because they badly need waterproofing. Finishing your basement may actually contribute to the health of your entire house.

Finally, this simple investment can add significantly to your home’s value. In fact, the cost to finish a basement is often less than the value you gain in equity. If you plan to sell your house soon, refinishing the basement may be one of your easiest investments.

Find a good basement waterproofing contractor and make your basement a useful part of your house. There’s never a good reason to let that much space be wasted.

Basement Foundation Concerns – Get it checked out

With the increase in flu’s and flu like symptoms, most homeowners who are at a loss to explain their illness might be surprised to know that a leak in basement from sewage backing up from the street sewer’s or a foundation leak could be bringing in unpleasant bacteria that needs to be professionally handled.

No homeowner should put up with a wet basement mold and getting basement waterproofing companies to give him a price might be the least expensive way of lowering medical bills caused by illnesses from basement water leaks. The cost to finish a basement should include waterproofing. It is spending money foolishly to do basement remodeling in Ohio or anywhere without waterproofing basements.

Price is important but so is your health. And health costs can be even higher than waterproofing basement walls. The facts are that most basements that have wet basement mold or a leak are creating a health hazard for the occupants of the house and that can be expensive. A wise person would never buy a house before checking to see that the foundation is sound, and no house foundation is sound if the basement leaks. Also, if your home’s foundation has sprung a leak, putting off repairs could cause even greater damage to your health as well as to your home.

Basement Remodeling Ideas to Consider

Remodeling your basement is a great way to add extra living space your home. The walls and ceiling are already in place, so it seems like an easy area to begin remodeling.

Unfortunately, many people jump into remodeling without proper planning. It is easy to get ahead of yourself when remodeling a basement. Homeowners who get into big a hurry are often left with higher basement finishing costs, and a bad case of wet basement mold.

Waterproofing basements are one of the main factors needed to have a successful basement remodeling job.
This is one area that is extremely important to be handled by a professional basement waterproofing company.

The cost to finish a basement can be totally lost if there is a leak in basement walls that is not corrected before any other remodeling is started. Using a qualified basement waterproofing contractor to insure these problems do not occur, will more than pay for itself.

Such considerations as foundation reinforcement, and checking to find any bowed basement walls, are often overlooked by homeowners who are anxious to begin remodeling.

A casual inspection by a nonprofessional may not detect leaks that will appear after construction has begun, and extra wall penetrating fasteners are applied. A professional remodeling contractor is familiar with the techniques of penetrating basement walls, and knows how to add new construction, without causing leaks.

Using a professional re-modeler will save money on basement finishing costs, and you will have a finished remodeling job that will not cause future problems.

Leaky Basements and Mold

The Soggy Underlay

Narrative from real home owner.

It was just miserable when I walked down stairs and found my carpet soggy. I had just moved in so I did not know I had Leaky Basements and Mold problems. Who ever had this place before me should have shared the dreadful information. They sure did disguise it well. I started looking for someone to repair the damage and who knew how to properly do the waterproofing basements need. It was not long before they arrived and had started to repair the Bowed Basement Walls and the cost to finish a basement was low considering the damage done.

I found out that who ever built the house had not known anything about waterproofing basement walls. How it got by inspection, we don’t know, but it certainly has cost me the effort of calling someone to fix it. Other than that, my part has been painless. I just called an Ohio basement waterproofing company and they took care of the rest. Thank goodness for people that know their line of work. I would have no idea how to fix a problem like this. When the leak in my basement was discovered I almost panicked, but I decided that would serve no purpose, so I called for help instead. It was a great decision and they did it in a professional, timely manner. Now my downstairs is nice and dry.

Make Your Basement Into A Family Room

If you are thinking about turning your basement into a family or recreational room then there are a few things to take into consideration. Be sure you are thorough when itemizing and figuring the cost to finish a basement so you don’t end up being short on materials toward the end of the job.

First, if the basement is unfinished then you will want to find a good and fair contractor to do the finishing work. The same contractor should also have experience waterproofing basements. You will want to make sure the job is done well because this will be crucial in preventing basement water leaks. This will also help to prevent wet basement mold which is a health hazard.

Once this is done you can start on the fun part of converting the finished basement into the family room you’ve been dreaming of. If there are any costs to be cut in order for the family room to happen, it is strongly suggested that the cost cutting is done after the finishing of the basement and waterproofing is done. The cost to finish a basement can be affordable if you shop around for a professional, preferably someone that also has experience waterproofing basements. The prevention of basement water leaks and wet basement mold will depend on it. Have fun!