Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Heating and cooling bills are two major expenses during the summer and winter months that can put a dent in your budget. According to the US Department of Energy, the typical American household spends $2,200 a year in electric and gas bills. That’s a big percentage of your annual income considering the energy expenditures are only a very small part of your total expenses.

The EEI ( Edison Electric Institute) recommends many heating and cooling tips for you that will help you save energy and money. Here are some of them for you:

Heating and Cooling

  1. Setting your thermostat one degree higher in the summer and one degree lower in the winter can lower the cost of your electric bill by 2%
  2. If you need to replace your air conditioning unit or your furnace choose one that is an ENERGY STAR unit.  These units are more efficient than other units by 5-10%
  3. Sealing and weatherstripping your doors and windows can reduce the cool air leaving the home.  It can also save you more than 10% of the total usage for the year.
  4. If using a window unit to cool your house, place it on a window that is not directly under the sun, otherwise your unit will be working more to cool your home.
  5. Closing vents and rooms that are unused can lower your air conditioning bill and keep other parts of your home cooler. During the winter months, the house will seem warmer if unused bedrooms and the basement door are kept closed, and the furnace filter is changed regularly to allow the warm air to circulate better.
  6. Opening windows and doors to cool your home during comfortable days not only helps refresh your home, it can save you money too.
  7. Make sure all bushes and trees are away from the unit outside the home to keep it working efficiently.

The amount of energy many households use yearly can be considerable. The amount of energy we use and the cost we pay go hand in hand.  The more energy wasted, the more money will be needed to pay for it. But, if the financial repercussions do not bother you, saving energy helps save the planet.

If you want to find more ways to save energy go to the EEI website to learn more.

Taking Care of the Basement of Your Home

The basement of our homes is no longer a place for storage only. Throughout the years, we have assigned different jobs for the basement of our homes.  We have fully remodeled it and use it as a living space for the family.  It has come to be a playroom for the kids, an art room, a storage room and even office space for us.  For some families, the basement has come to be a very nice furnished room for an older sibling where space in the upper floor is no longer possible. 

Regardless of how and for what purpose you need to remodel the basement of your home, waterproofing it before remodeling it is the only alternative you have. You will be saving thousands of dollars by taking care of humidity, leaks, and water seepage problems before you remodel your basement.

Before you start looking for remodelers in your area, what are some of the clear signs to look for in case you have water damage in your basement?

• Water sitting on the floor 

• Musty smell

• Condensation on the walls, ceiling or doors

• Cracks where the wall meets the floor

• Rust in appliances you have in the basement

• Dark spots on the walls or ceiling

Some of these problems have to do with water damage, but water damage in the basement can lead to serious problems with the foundation of your home as well.  That in itself becomes a major problem that can get very expensive pretty quickly if you leave it unattended.

One of the many reasons to invest in your home and taking care of problems right away is the equity we build by holding unto our homes for a period of time.  After the housing crash, there has been a decline in the constructions of new homes and the demand for first time home buyers is an all-time high.  Not only will you be living in a beautiful home with no basement problems, but if you have any issues with water in the basement, taking care of it right away can increase the value and the quality of your home.

Contact us for a hassle-free consultation to talk about your basement needs.  We have a long history in the community with excellent customer satisfaction. Check our BBB rating and customer testimonials to learn more about Pioneer Basement Solutions.