Basement Waterproofing News and Tips

stock-photo-4258890-interior-abstractThe average annual precipitation for the Northeast Ohio region is close to 40 inches. The Akron area gets about 39.62 inches of rainfall every year, and unless your basement has been taken care of, this amount of rainfall can cause havoc in your home. Making sure all water drainage is away from your home can save you some headaches in the long run. If you are considering having your basement waterproofed, call us, we’ll be happy to talk to you and give you a no hassle free consultation.

Westlake inspectors save woman from $20,000 basement waterproofing repair

Inspection report showed water was from downspouts

WESTLAKE, Ohio – Peggy Oliver of Westlake is desperately looking for a solution to the water issues that are attacking her basement, but she warned consumers to do their homework before signing a big contract for repairs.

Oliver told NewsChannel5 she was stunned when she started to get estimates for basement waterproofing.

I was in deep shock, I really was,” said Oliver. “Just under $20,000, and then there was another one, either $29,000 or $39,000. I said that’s out of the question.”

Oliver signed a $20,000 contract for repairs, and issued a $6,400 down payment on the job 10 days ago.

Oliver told NewsChannel5 she was comfortable with the diagnosis and the company that she hired to shore-up the water problem in her basement.

What to expect with basement waterproofing

A wet basement can be a homeowner’s nightmare.

From a finished basement that’s soaked to a basement with persistent leaks or dampness, water is no friend to your home.

If you’ve experienced leaking walls, floors or cracks in your home’s basement, it’s likely you need the help of an experienced basement waterproofing contractor.

But you’ll quickly find there are a variety of choices in basement waterproofing repairs or systems designed to tackle the problem, as well as opinions about which one is the most effective.

Start with the source

Waterproofing basement can be done any time of the year

What do you do when water shows up in your basement?

Record-breaking rains in recent days have left many homeowners asking that question for the first time.

“You can have a house for 50 years and not have a single drop in the house the entire time. But with how moist the ground is, the house can just settle and move a little bit and water can enter into the basement,” Dick LaCroix, whose company Basement Dewatering is one of several Sioux Falls area businesses that has been busy answering the phones in recent days.

Nate Proper, director of marketing and advertising at Blackburn Basement Systems, said people with flooded basements should first get any furniture and belongings to higher ground before water seeps into the basement and do what they can to stop the water from coming in, whether it be bailing or another method.

If water does enter the basement, Proper said water proofing companies can try to determine what needs to be done to prevent future flooding.

Advice on How to Waterproof your Basement

stock-photo-3164773-executive-home-bar-and-entertainment-roomDuring the spring and summer months you have a 55 to 56% likelihood that your home will sale within 6 months and the average number of days that your house will be on the market is 32 days. Those are excellent statistics if you are putting your home on the market during those months, but remember that having a home that is well kept and with minimal issues is an advantage you have over your competitor down the street.

For more on maintaining your home and basement waterproofing follow the links below for more information.

How to Waterproof Your Basement

Most homes are sitting on a treasure trove of useful space: the basement. However, many basements in older homes are damp or leaky, and make unsuitable choices for a new rec room or bedroom. Before you can start any basement remodeling project, you have to keep the water out.

1. Evaluate the perimeter of your house. You must ensure that the ground next to your foundation slopes away from the foundation, not towards it. Backfilled dirt around the foundation will typically settle lower than the surrounding dirt causing the ground to sink in and slope towards your house. If necessary, add dirt up against the foundation to create at least a 2″ per foot (that is, a drop of 2″ for each foot you move away) slope against the foundation. Make sure that the top of the dirt is at least six inches below the sill plate so that there is no ground contact which may cause certain building materials to rot in the future.

2. on the ground right next to your foundation, you’ll have problems. Make sure your gutters are clean, and make sure your downspouts are discharging their water at least 5 feet away from your foundation.

How to Waterproof a Basement

In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to seal cracks in your foundation and other basement flooding problems.


1. Fill cracks and holes in concrete walls and floors with hydraulic cement.
2. Apply a coat of waterproof masonry cement to inside surface of basement walls.
3. Attach flexible extensions to ends of downspouts to carry water away from foundation.
4. Dig trench directly below downspout for 4-inch-diameter PVC pipe.
5. Connect downspout to PVC pipe.
6. Install a drywell at opposite end of pipe to catch and disperse rainwater.

The Realities of Real Estate: The importance of maintaining your home

There are many benefits associated with home ownership. But along with those benefits, we also assume a whole host of responsibilities. In addition to making sure the mortgage and real estate taxes are paid, it’s necessary to keep everything ship-shape, or sooner than you think, the maintenance associated with a home can begin to spiral out of control.

When the real estate bubble burst, a lot of property fell into foreclosure, and as the banks processed an avalanche of foreclosures, many homes were left vacant for extended periods. Consequently, there are many examples out there of what happens to a house if no one is around to care for it. One need only visit certain parts of Detroit to see how quickly the ravages of Mother Nature can invade and overwhelm even the best-built structure. A nice property can be turned into a pile of junk in less than a year when left unattended.

Beyond the problems associated with a vacant house, owner occupied homes can also suffer from the consequences of deferred maintenance. We see it all the time when buying or selling property. What was once a little problem can evolve into a big issue and ultimately have a significant impact on what a home is worth.


Is Your Basement Protected From The Rain?

stock-photo-3413377-flood-damageSpring seems to have finally come to the Northeast Ohio region. With a high of 73 degrees in the Akron area, we can expect the weather to bring us the long awaited spring season.  With the spring though comes the rainy season and if you have issues with water in your basement this may not be a good time for you.  The good news is that you can prepare yourself, your home and your family for the rainy season by calling a reputable company that can come and look at your basement and give you a solution without breaking your wallet.

What are some of the options that you can look forward to, to have your basement free of mold and mildew?  An interior basement waterproofing solution is a system that is installed under the basement floor to relieve the water pressure in the ground that builds up around your foundation when the water has nowhere to go.

How do you know whether that is a solution for your basement? Typical signs that an interior basement waterproofing solution is for you are whether your basement has:

  • Basement floor leaks
  • Elevated cracks in your basement floor
  • Water seepage through the seam were the wall meets the floor
  • The bottom row of blocks are damp and show a white powder on them

An interior basement waterproofing solution is one of two options that you have to have your basement free of water, dampness and allergens that can affect the quality of air your family is breathing.

At Pioneer Basement Solutions, our basement waterproofing system offers a lifetime guarantee against future water problems in your basement. Our “no nonsense” warranty is free of charge and automatically transfers to future ownership

Call today to get a free no obligation inspection of your specific foundation needs and to learn more about what solution would best fit your needs. Click here for our contact info.

Getting Ready To Sell Your Home?

stock-photo-3164773-executive-home-bar-and-entertainment-roomIf the prospect of putting  your home for sale an additional stress in your life, there are a lot of things that you can do  to simplify the chores and achieve the goal of having it on the market this spring.  Cleaning and organizing the garage is probably nothing compared to cleaning and organizing your basement. Potential buyers do look at the basement as an additional room that they can have, not only for storing, but for extra living space. Organizing your basement and garage can give you the extra edge you need to sell your home promptly.  Making sure your basement has no leaks can be the difference between having your home on the market for 2 weeks or a year.  For more about getting your home ready for spring follow the links below.

Make spring cleaning easier with expert tips, helping hands

March in the Valley brings Major League Baseball, blooming plants and trees, and an urgency to enjoy the weather before it gets blistering hot.

Inside, it’s also the perfect time — with the holidays in the rear-view mirror and New Year’s resolutions waning — to give your house a springtime freshening.

Spring cleaning can seem like just another thing to do on your already crammed calendar, but for those like Erika Gentner, it’s an opportunity to get the whole family on board for a better home.

“I like to think of it as a family tradition,” says Gent ner, who typically schedules spring-cleaning weekend well in advance and then counts down the days to build up excitement for her 7- and 9-year-old sons. “We make it as fun as possible. … We order pizza or subs and break up the day a little bit.”

Gentner, a Phoenix professional organizer and co-owner of Dependable Divas, says her sons also get a reward for helping and get to do easy tasks such as wiping down baseboards and removing smudges from walls with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. She and her husband tackle the harder stuff, including washing windows, decluttering the garage and cleaning out the refrigerator.

10 tips for spring cleaning success

Susquehanna Valley experts weigh-in on organizing and de-cluttering spaces.

After a tough winter in the Susquehanna Valley, spring is a good time to open up the windows, get organized and clear out clutter.

Here’s some tips and tricks from local experts to use as a springboard for spring cleaning projects:

1. Visualize your goals

Todd Sweet, co-owner of Clutter Stoppers, a professional organizing business that serves Central Pa., says making a home more functional and efficient starts with a simple plan.

“First, you should visualize what you want your home to look like,” said Sweet. “You want to prioritize how each space should function for your needs.”

2. Get into cleanup mode

The task of tackling messy spaces may sound daunting for some, but Maura Clements, owner of MoreSPACE Professional Organizing in Lancaster, Pa., says a lot of people have cleanup fears.

Time to spring forward with that house cleaning

The calendar says it’s time for spring cleaning, so get down and get dirty. Whether you wield the duster yourself or hire someone else to do it, a clean house is worth the time and/or money you put into it, especially after a winter like this one.

The tradition of “spring cleaning” dates back to before the days of HVAC with add-on filtration systems that keep your home’s interior air on an even keel year-round. But while you may not be beating rugs and emptying ashes out of the coal grate, there is still plenty for you to do as your energy level rises with the temperature.

Rachel Sammons, owner of Prime Shine Services Inc. in Saginaw, outlines a basic cleaning routine that her crews follow with their regular customers, one that applies equally to non-professionals.

Dust first. “Go from the top down, because the dust you miss will fall to the floor and you can get it when you’re vacuuming,” Sammons said. “This is the time of year when you’ll see lots of cobwebs along the window tracks. It doesn’t matter how new your house is; cobwebs don’t discriminate! They come back quickly, too, so be sure to check behind your doors and around the hinges and jams.”

Foundation Repair & Stabilization

The foundation of your home is the lowest and supporting layer of the structure of your home. Foundations are generally divided into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations. The foundation therefore can tell the homeowner stock-photo-749897-cracked-concretewhether the structure of the home is defective by looking for some clear signs in the basement of their home.
Does your basement have wall cracks that are visibly open? Are the basement walls bowing in? Is there a foundation shifting or movement? Do you need foundation stabilization for your home? Do you know what it is or how it can be accomplished?

Foundation Stabilization / foundation reinforcement is the process of stopping movement in your foundation before it gets to the point of needing major, costly repairs or replacement. Basement Wall Repair can be accomplished a few different ways depending on your situation. There is a specific solution to your problem.

Foundation stabilization/ foundation reinforcement can be accomplished these three ways:

  • Stabil – loc piers
  • Traditional steel “I” beam
  • Carbon fiber/kevlar mesh straps (Fortress Stabilization)
  • Internal wall pins
  • Steel “I” beam systems are installed against the wall in the problem areas and are attached to the structure above as well as cemented in under the floor.  This method offers a limited warranty.
  • Our Fortress stabilization systems are bonded into the wall in the problem areas and offer a lifetime warranty.

Carbon Fiber Mesh
Today’s latest foundation repair solution for bowing basement walls is carbon fiber mesh “straps” which are embedded into the face of your foundation walls. Fortress Stabilization has developed a system made of both carbon fiber and Kevlar meshed together giving them the ultimate in tensile and shear strength. These straps are smooth to the wall and paintable making them barely noticeable.

This is the only foundation repair method available with a lifetime guarantee and no maintenance!

We at Pioneer Basement Solutions are Experts in Foundation Repair, offering solutions specific for your problem.

Call today for a free no obligation inspection of your specific foundation repair needs and learn more about what solution best fits your specific situation. Click here for our contact info or schedule a FREE consultation.


Extreme Cold Can Crack Home Foundation

Extreme Cold Can Crack Home Foundationstock-photo-4258890-interior-abstract

Just like extreme heat can affect the foundation of your home, extreme cold can cause cracks in a home foundation as well. There are symptoms this is occurring around your home, and knowing the early warning signs can mean the difference between a small spot repair and a large project to save the entire foundation of your home.

Signs You May Have Damage to Your Foundation
All homeowners should be on the lookout for foundation issues. If you reside in a part of the country that experiences extremes of temperature in heat or cold, you need to be especially on guard for early warning signs on both the exterior and interior of your home.

Exterior Warning Signs
Warning signs on the exterior can be shown in wall rotation, and noticeable separation around windows and doors. Cracked bricks and shifted moldings are other signs to look for around the outside of your home. Sometimes these can be missed because of trees or bushes around the house blocking the view to the brickwork.

Interior Warning Signs
These are even easier to spot. Doors that don’t open and close properly, doors that get stuck shut can be early indicators of an issue with the foundation. Cracked walls and water seeping in the basement where the wall meets the floor are other warning signs. There may or may not be visible cracking in the floor. Another sign all is not well with your foundation is if you see bulging walls or floors.

The best plan of action if you are seeing any of these signs is to have a professional company check out your foundation. Repairing damage to a foundation is never a one-size-fits-all project, as every home is unique. A professional can help diagnose  if there’s an issue and offer solutions for the best plan of action for repair as well as stopping any further foundation damage.

Foundation Repairs And Basement Waterproofing

stock-photo-749897-cracked-concreteYour home can only be as solid as the foundation.  Having leaks in your basement that will jeopardize the condition of your foundation is something you cannot leave to chance, and forget about it till next time. At Pioneer Basement Solutions we can say that we are a company with more than 30 years experience and perfect customer service. We are dedicated to making your home safe and the foundation of your home stable before repairs can become costly.

Foundation Stabilization / foundation reinforcement is the process of stopping movement in your foundation before it gets to the point of needing major, costly repairs or replacement. Basement Wall Repair can be accomplished a few different ways depending on your situation. We offer a solution specific to your problem.

Foundation stabilization/ foundation reinforcement can be accomplished these ways:

Basement waterproofing options vary from home to home

Many homeowners wonder what is the correct way to waterproof a leaking basement? The answer to this question is not always straight forward, as an effective a solution generally depends on the specific situation. Waterproofing options can vary from house to house and require the expertise of an experienced foundation specialist.

Most basement walls leak due to outside cracks and other direct opening in the foundation walls and around basement windows. These can also include openings in cracked porous bricks and other exterior entry points that allow water to get in.

It’s important to remember that the only effective way to stop water from entering through these openings is from the outside. This requires excavating around the perimeter of your house to allow access to the problem area. The old weeping tile is replaced and the foundation wall is cleaned and repairs done if needed. If the foundation wall is concrete block, then the walls are parged with half-inch concrete covering. A waterproof rubber membrane is trowelled on and dimpled drainage board in applied overtop. Then new weeping tile is installed, connected to the storm drain or sump pit, before being covered with three-quarter inch stone.

Piering stabilizes homes with foundation problems

Your home is only as solid as its foundation, so it pays to be aware of any potential problems in this area before they become major headaches. Cracks in exterior brick, concrete or masonry can be tell-tale signs of foundation settlement problems. Other signals homeowners should look for include doors and windows that once closed properly and now bind; diagonal cracks on interior wall finishes at corners of doors and windows; and separation of wood trim at exterior corners of your structure.                    Foundation settlement and shifting is caused by many single or combined soil conditions. It’s definitely not something to take lightly as settlement can decrease property values and, in extreme cases, pose a safety

Expert advice to help prep your home for what’s ahead

In a conversation with Alex Nino Gheciu, Beaumler discusses ways to avert a winter housing headache before you’re caught in the cold.

What’s the first thing homeowners should think about as the temperature begins to drop?

Before we get into the freezing and the snow, now’s a good time to get into “basic maintenance” mode, as well as “prepare to save some money” mode. You can start by waterproofing the outside of your house ahead of the freeze-thaw cycle. Snow sits atop of your roof, but we always get a few snows that melt before everything stays.

Begin by taking a walk around the outside of your house and just having a look at it. Check your eavestroughs to make sure they aren’t clogged with leaves — it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put a gutter guard on them.

Also make sure the grading around your house is right and that the soil in your foundation is sloped away from the house in order to direct any water away. Grab some soil and fill any rough spots where the backfill has sunk, so that any water that comes down has a chance to run away. You don’t want water getting close to your foundation and possibly compromising it. Check that your downspouts are at least four to six feet away from the foundation, to direct any water away.


Homeowner Foundation Worries

When should a homeowner worry about the foundation of their home?

There are varying degrees of worry about the foundation of a home.  Even minor basement water leaks means that there are foundation issues.

However, bowed basement walls are a more serious issue.

Initially homeowners foundation repair may seem like it is going to be very expensive, but homeowners often do not realize that sometimes foundation reinforcement is all that is needed.

This kind of service stabelized the foundation and basement walls, preventing further bowing of the basement walls and protecting the foundation of the home.

Pioneer Basement Solutions is an expert in foundation reinforcement and  waterproofing Akron homes as well as reinforcement and waterproofing Canton home.  We have been helping homeowners in the Canton and Akron area for many years and have dealt with the basic leak in basement,  wet basement mold, bowed basement walls and more.  We are a full basement solutions provider and our free basement inspection and quote will help you make an informed decision on protecting your families biggest investment.


Facts About Basement Foundation

 Having a basement in your home is a great idea. A basement allows you to store extra furniture or junk you may not have room for in the home. Many people also convert their basements into entertainment rooms, adding in televisions, surround sound systems, and movie collections. One of the downfalls about basements is the fact that they are susceptible to having leaks. These leaks may happen if you live in a high-risk zone for floods or if your basement is not properly sealed. Water damage in basements that do not have a foundation reinforcement may even cause bowed basement walls.

The word hydrostatic refers to the pressure of water against the basement’s foundation. If your basement is not properly sealed, this water can leak through the concrete and cause a flood in the basement. Damage to personal items that have been stored there may get ruined if this continues to happen on a regular basis. Mold and other harmful fungi can also grow in moist environments, making it virtually hazardous to be in a basement that has had multiple leaks and floods.

To prevent leaking and bowed basement walls, you should have your basement properly waterproofed and sealed. This can be done by a professional who is trained in dealing with sealing basements and providing foundation reinforcement. By waterproofing the basement’s foundation, you will have a space to store your extra items or to relax in anytime you’d like without having to worry about water damage.


Best Ohio Waterproofing Companies

How do you identify the best Ohio Waterproofing companies?

If your basement is leaking or if you have homeowners foundation repair needs then you want to find the best Ohio waterproofing company to work with.

However, the answer is not the same for everyone.

The best might be the one with the best reputation for one person and it may be the cheapest basement waterproofing company for someone else that is tight on money but needs their basement waterproofed.

Ultimately, you want to look at a combination of things before picking the best Ohio waterproofing company for your basement.

Ask yourself some of these questions:

  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. Do I know anyone they have done work for?
  3. Are their prices competitive with other basement waterproofing companies?
  4. Do they work in my area?  Akron?  Canton?
  5. Are they experts?  Do they have other services such as foundation reinforcement or humidity control?
  6. Did you search online to see if there were any waterproofing complaints about them?  One may be OK, but do you see a trend or a lot of bad information about them?

These are the kinds of things you want to look at if you want to hire the best Ohio waterproofing company for your home.