Interior Basement Waterproofing

stock-photo-22083798-water-damaged-basementBefore you have a flooded basement and need to call a company that is available, but you know very little of, let us tell you, you need to be proactive and call somebody with an outstanding reputation and excellent work ethic.  Many companies will give you an estimate for work that you may not need done in your basement and you may have to go with them if you are in an emergency.  Do your research now to avoid hiring a company that may not be suitable for you.

Interior basement waterproofing

Interior basement systems installed under the basement floor relieve the “hydrostatic pressure” or water pressure in the ground that builds up around your foundation when the water has nowhere to go.

Typical signs that indicate an interior basement waterproofing system would be a good solution are if you have basement floor leaks, cracks in your basement floor that are heaved up, and or water seeps in through the seam where the wall meets the floor. Another common sign is the bottom row of blocks is damp and shows a white powder on them. These signs are an indication of ground water building up under your foundation.
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When basement floods, do a little homework before hiring a waterproofing company

RAYMORE, Mo. – Steve Weis, of Raymore, is like many in the metro. He woke up Friday morning to discover water flowing into his basement.
Now, towels cover the basement floor. Boxes filled with his belongings sit on top of furniture to stay dry.

“Fortunately, it’s not much carpet, not much dry wall. It shouldn’t be too big a deal, just a hassle,” Weis said.
Many homeowners dealing with wet basements will look into hiring a basement waterproofing company.

SPI Launches Innovative One-Step Concrete Resurfacing and Waterproofing Polyurea Elastomer 

After substantial R&D and successful field testing, Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI) has unveiled the innovative Synergy Series Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3™ elastomeric bridging polyurea. This cutting edge technology provides a cost-effective, one-step solution for concrete waterproofing and resurfacing. Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 forms a seamless, monolithic surface that seals and protects concrete, eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of applying a concrete primer, mortar filler or dry sacking. This provides a key benefit by reducing surface preparation time and material cost.

Want your basement waterproof for spring rains?


If you want your basement waterproof for spring rains now is the time to call basement waterproofing companies for estimates on your basement waterproofing cost options.  There are several basement systems used for solving basement water leaks and not all are created equally.

Do some homework on the type of basement water leaks you are experiencing before calling out basement waterproofing companies for estimates so that you will know what type of basement systems you are looking for.

The interior basement waterproofing systems are designed to solve  basement water leaks that are coming up from ground water build up.  The  exterior basement waterproofing systems are designed to solve wet basement walls from surface water problems.

Call full service basement waterproofing contractors who can review and offer all basement systems for a non biased opinion.

For basement waterproofing in Akron or Canton Ohio and surrounding areas call Pioneer Basement Solutions at 1-877-321-4889 or visit the website here.


Many foundation repair companies waterproof basements…who can you trust?

Many foundation repair companies waterproof basements and it may be difficult to determine who you can trust.  If you have interviewed basement waterproofing companies you likely have a difference of opinions and solutions which confuse your decision making process.

People often ask what the best way to waterproof basements is and the answer is really more complicated that it seems like it should be.  If someone is looking to solve their leak in basement or wet basement mold for example it will depend on what the real problem is.  If the original exterior basement waterproofing system is bad and there are wet basement walls then the best way to waterproofing basements like that would be exterior basement waterproofing to restore the seal and stop penetration.

If the basement water leaks are through the floor or up through seams where the basement walls meet the floor the best way may be an interior basement waterproofing system to prevent the build up of ground water around the foundation from underneath.

It is important to have a thorough inspection by a reputable basement waterproofing contractor who offers all basement systems and can recommend the best solution as well as some alternatives that may better fit your budget and goals for the home.

Visit your local BBB website and look at the complaint history before hiring a  basement waterproofing contractor and if you are a member review reports on Angie’s list.

For a no obligation from a full service basement waterproofing company in the Akron, Canton, Medina, Kent and surrounding areas call Pioneer Basement Solutions at 1-877-321-4889

Waterproof basement walls inside or outside?

Waterproofing basement walls can only be done via exterior basement waterproofing, but you may not need that to solve your basement leaks.

The definition of waterproof in Wikipedia states “Waterproof or water-resistant describes objects relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.” And adds, “In construction, a building or structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents underneath or within as well as protecting structural integrity.”

If you have wet basement walls you can dry up your space with an interior basement waterproofing system but will still potentially have dampness or actual water in your foundation which can cause damage over time. Most people go with the interior based on the cost of basement waterproofing being much higher on the outside than from the inside.

There are membranes designed to waterproof basement walls that are manufactured on large rolls.  These membranes are 8’ high and when installed properly create a liner around your basement like the reverse of a swimming pool.  Other systems such as compressed fiberglass actually draw water through them against your foundation potentially causing damp areas.

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What basement systems are the best for waterproofing basements

Basement waterproofing involves installing drains around the footer, or base of your foundation.  These foundation drains are either on the inside, the outside or both.  There are several  basement systems out there that are some sort of variation of the above.  Many basement waterproofing companies are franchise operations and by the nature of that type of business model, have a drain that is a neat color or shape and a patent.  This way their marketing department can sell it as “exclusive” so you cannot compare / shop their pricing.

Foundation drains are foundation drains.  Or are they?  Some interior basement systems are actually not true footer drains but rather a variation of the old fashioned “baseboard drain”.  They are installed on top of the footer which is level.  Water lays in them until there is enough volume in there to push it around to a point where it can run to a floor drain or sump pump.  These systems do nothing to rid the water under your foundation and were originally designed to drain wet basement walls.

The bottom line is the best basement solution for your basement will be determined not by the flashy marketing or super duper wowee pump system.  It is simple.  If you have water build up under your basement the only way to get rid of that water is to install foundation drains under your basement, or an interior basement waterproofing system.  If you have wet basement walls the only way to properly dry them out and keep them dry is to excavate and install exterior basement waterproofing.

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Water proofing cost in Akron and Canton Ohio areas

If you have basement water leaks and are interviewing basement waterproofing companies you may have found that the  basement waterproofing cost they propose will be all over the board.  There are several factors that contribute to this and we will touch on them briefly.

The methods basement waterproofing companies use will impact the basement waterproofing cost significantly.  Choosing full exterior basement waterproofing will end up about tripple the cost of  interior basement waterproofing systems.  But if you truly need the exterior basement waterproofing approach to solve your problem it is worth the investment in your home to preserve your foundation.  You should see exterior basement waterproofing pricing avearge around $125 per linear foot.  There will be contractors in the $100/ft range and $150+ per foot range.

You will likely see more variance between interior basement waterproofing system quotes.  This is because there are very small home based basement waterproofing contractors that have lower overhead than the big guys you see on TV etc… who may have dozens of people in the office, several trucks on the road and huge marketing efforts they need to feed.  On the low side you may see $35 per foot and the high side around $75 per foot which may include some combination of outside work.

The key to making the best decision possible regarding your  basement repair is to identify the true problem and objectively considering all your options.

In the Akron and Canton (Kent Medina) and surrounding areas be sure to call Pioneer among the basement waterproofing companies you are considering for a no sales gimmick, no pressure straight talk assesment. 1-877-321-4889

Avoid one size fits all basement systems for waterproofing basements


If you are looking at solutions for waterproofing basements beware of  basement waterproofing contractors who offer a one size fits all basement systems approach.  Not all basement issues are alike, even though there are really only two types of water that cause basement water leaks.

You can spot the  basement waterproofing contractors who sell the same basement systems to every homeowner they encounter pretty easily if you look out for certain things.  Ask them to show pictures of both exterior basement waterproofing and interior basement waterproofing projects they have performed with references.  If they cannot do that or hesitate / blow off your request, chances are they are trying to steer you to their “system”.

You will find most exterior basement waterproofing only companies will always say “you have to get the water from theoutside where it comes from” or “you dont want to use your foundation as a drain”.  Both ststements are common sense and true from a literal standpoint; however, if you have basement water leaks comming up through your floor or from the seam where the wall meets the floor, you likely will not stop the problem with an exterior basement waterproofing solution.

Get a thurough inspection from a tru full service basement waterproofing contractor whith a track record of success in waterproofing basements In northeast Ohio call Pioneer Basement solutions for a no pressure plain pricing approach.

Not all basement waterproofing contractors are a good fit for your problem


It is important to be sure you are talking with  basement waterproofing contractors who offer specific solutions for your  basement water leaks .  If you have wet basement walls you may not want to interview companies who only offer  interior basement waterproofing solutions.  If you have water seepage from your basement floor you may not want to interview  exterior basement waterproofing only companies.

Most  waterproofing contractors offer the same  basement systems to every person they meet regardless of the problem they are having in their basement.  Most often these companies are franchises that send out trained sales people who are very good at selling the same thing over and over.

Here are some things to consider regarding basement seepage problems and solutions.  Surface water problems will cause wet basement walls at or very close to grade level.  When in your basement and looking at the walls, if they are wet up high and less wet below you like ly have a surface water issue.  The best solution there is to stop water from getting to your basement foundation on the outside.

If your  basement water leaks are from the very bottom of the wall, through the seam where the floor meets the wall and the walls are dry…or up water seepage through floor cracks, you may have ground water build up from below.  The best way to stop that is to get the water before it builds up below your foundation and keep it out of your basement.

For more info visit Pioneer, basement waterproofing contractors who offer all basement systems such as inside, outside and or combinations.

Why does each basement waterproofing contractor offer different basement systems?


The reason each  basement waterproofing contractor you call out may offer different basement systems to solve your problem may be that you are not talking to full service  basement waterproofing contractors.  Many basement waterproofing companies offer just one solution to every potential customer they encounter regardless of the type of basement water leaks they see.

Different basement systems will solve different basement water leaks and some may simply control actual water seepage into your basement an not truly stop water from getting there in the first place.  It is important that you know what type of problem you have.

If you are seeing water run down your foundation walls or even damp basement walls where paint will not stick and even crumbling of your basement wall surface, you likely will be a good candidate for  basement systems that involve exterior basement waterproofing.  These types of problems are typically surface water problems.  Note however, that in this scenario I am referring to problems from the ground level or close to it down to mid wall.  If your problems are only down at the bottom of the wall you may have a different problem.

The bottom line is  exterior basement waterproofing involves sealing the basement walls.  This will give you a warranty fro dry basement walls.  If water is coming up through your basement floor or through the wall and floor seams, you will likely need an interior basement waterproofing system.  The only way to get water that builds up from under your foundation and stop it from entering at the wall and floor seams is to install drainage below the floor which is an interior basement waterproofing system.

For more info visit Pioneer at basement systems 

Spring thaws cause the worst basement water leaks

Over the winter snow accumulates on the ground and melts into the soil saturating it and inevitably cause the year’s worst basement water leaks.  If you have basement water leaks and you are interviewing basement waterproofing contractors you will want to know about a few things to ensure you are getting a fair and honest assessment of your foundation problems.

There are two types of water that cause basement water leaks and they are surface water and ground water. Different basement systems solve each of these basement problems.  Some basement systems are designed for waterproofing basement walls and others are more designed for the floor areas.

With exterior basement waterproofing most of the work is aimed at  waterproofing basement walls from the outside giving you a dry foundation.  The exterior basement waterproofing method is best for those with surface water problems resulting in wet basement walls, especially high to mid wall.

With interior basement waterproofing the work is designed to grab ground water build up before it gets to the basement floor areas keeping ground water under control and out of your basement.  The basement systems designed for interior basement waterproofing solve the  basement water leaks that come in where the walls meet the floor area.  This is the most common problem and solution.

Installing basement drains outside will most likely not solve problems with water under the floor just as installing basement drains inside will most likely not solve wet basement walls up high to mid wall.

For more info about what basement systems will solve your basement water leaks visit Northeast Ohio’s #1 award winning customer service  basement waterproofing contractor here: Pioneer Basement Solutions