Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

stock-photo-3164773-executive-home-bar-and-entertainment-roomThe list of things to do before winter comes can become quite long for some homeowners.  The storage of gardening tools, emptying the gas in the lawnmower, cleaning the gutters, among many other things that are very specific for your home can keep you busy for the next few weekends.  The checklist to prepare you and your home are important to keep your home functioning properly all thru the winter, follow the links below for more information.

18 Ways to Immediately Reduce Your Home Energy and Maintenance Costs

So you’ve just moved into your nice new home. You’ve unloaded the boxes, unpacked most of your stuff, and are just starting to settle into your residence.

Right now is the perfect time to walk through a checklist of ways to save money on your home. Starting on these things as early as possible will allow you to start saving money sooner rather than later.

Here are eighteen things to check on or do immediately that will reduce the energy and maintenance costs of your home over the long haul.
1. Check the insulation in your attic – and install more if needed.
If you have an unfinished attic, pop your head up there and take a look around. You should see some insulation up there, and there should be at least six inches of it everywhere (more if you live in the northern part of the United States).

Reduce home heating costs; avoid home maintenance scams

Another way to keep heating bills under control is to compare electricity wholesalers’ prices at and select a plan before demand and the cost of electricity increase.

State lawmakers have put into place safeguards to stop wholesalers from the past practices of enticing consumers with a low introductory price, and then hitting them with a significant increase without advance notification.

Consumers who can afford to can pre-purchase heating oil to prevent being subjected to market fluctuations. The cost of heating oil may drop during a mild winter, however, heating oil prices typically rise at this time of year as demand increases. BBB recommends consumers research heating oil suppliers in advance, to ensure they are dealing with a reputable business with an established track record.

A dirty furnace is less efficient, so an annual inspection and cleaning is recommended.

Prevent your heating bills from going through the roof

Heating your home can be a costly endeavor. But you don’t have to make your family suffer in shivering silence to save some money. There are plenty of steps you can take to optimize your heating efforts, as well as prep your home for several months of cool weather.

• Check and maintain your insulation. Improperly insulated walls, floors, attics, basements and crawl spaces drain away heat and can encourage mold and mildew.

• Add weather stripping and caulk around windows and doors to prevent drafts which waste energy and money.

• Install a programmable thermostat that shuts itself off during the day when you’re away and at night when you’re asleep. This will keep you comfortable when you’re home and save you money when you’re not.

Extreme Cold Can Crack Home Foundation

Extreme Cold Can Crack Home Foundationstock-photo-4258890-interior-abstract

Just like extreme heat can affect the foundation of your home, extreme cold can cause cracks in a home foundation as well. There are symptoms this is occurring around your home, and knowing the early warning signs can mean the difference between a small spot repair and a large project to save the entire foundation of your home.

Signs You May Have Damage to Your Foundation
All homeowners should be on the lookout for foundation issues. If you reside in a part of the country that experiences extremes of temperature in heat or cold, you need to be especially on guard for early warning signs on both the exterior and interior of your home.

Exterior Warning Signs
Warning signs on the exterior can be shown in wall rotation, and noticeable separation around windows and doors. Cracked bricks and shifted moldings are other signs to look for around the outside of your home. Sometimes these can be missed because of trees or bushes around the house blocking the view to the brickwork.

Interior Warning Signs
These are even easier to spot. Doors that don’t open and close properly, doors that get stuck shut can be early indicators of an issue with the foundation. Cracked walls and water seeping in the basement where the wall meets the floor are other warning signs. There may or may not be visible cracking in the floor. Another sign all is not well with your foundation is if you see bulging walls or floors.

The best plan of action if you are seeing any of these signs is to have a professional company check out your foundation. Repairing damage to a foundation is never a one-size-fits-all project, as every home is unique. A professional can help diagnose  if there’s an issue and offer solutions for the best plan of action for repair as well as stopping any further foundation damage.

Does a Dry Basement Affect the Value of Your Home?

stock-photo-4258890-interior-abstractWith the unpredictability of the real estate market over the last decade, few things have a real and calculable effect on your home’s value like waterproofing the basement. According to the New York Times water penetration, even a small amount will negatively affect the value of a home. But there’s good news. Signs of water in the basement may decrease the value of a house, but having your basement waterproofed will increase the value of your home.

Many potential home buyers are looking for a home that requires no repairs. They’re going to hire an inspector and a wet basement is going to raise a huge red flag. The buyer is looking not just for a dry basement, but for the peace of mind that there is no existing foundation damage. What’s better than a dry basement? A waterproofed basement gives the buyer peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about the risk of future foundation damage.

Peace of mind is great, but how does it correspond to the actual value of your home. Real Estate Communities estimates a 10% to 30% increase in the resell value of your home. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home in the near future, you’ll be living with a dry basement until you do sell your home giving you all the more usable, livable space. It’s better to seal the basement before trying to sell than rushing to find a quality basement water proofer that can get the work done before a close date.

It’s more affordable than most people think. Waterproofing will pay for itself several times over if you are selling, and will pay for itself in usable space and heating bills even if you’re not in the market to sell. A buyer looking at two comparable homes will choose one that has been waterproofed over a wet basement every time. If you sell a home without a waterproofed basement, you’re leaving money on the table. A dry basement really does affect the price of your home.

Many foundation repair companies waterproof basements…who can you trust?

Many foundation repair companies waterproof basements and it may be difficult to determine who you can trust.  If you have interviewed basement waterproofing companies you likely have a difference of opinions and solutions which confuse your decision making process.

People often ask what the best way to waterproof basements is and the answer is really more complicated that it seems like it should be.  If someone is looking to solve their leak in basement or wet basement mold for example it will depend on what the real problem is.  If the original exterior basement waterproofing system is bad and there are wet basement walls then the best way to waterproofing basements like that would be exterior basement waterproofing to restore the seal and stop penetration.

If the basement water leaks are through the floor or up through seams where the basement walls meet the floor the best way may be an interior basement waterproofing system to prevent the build up of ground water around the foundation from underneath.

It is important to have a thorough inspection by a reputable basement waterproofing contractor who offers all basement systems and can recommend the best solution as well as some alternatives that may better fit your budget and goals for the home.

Visit your local BBB website and look at the complaint history before hiring a  basement waterproofing contractor and if you are a member review reports on Angie’s list.

For a no obligation from a full service basement waterproofing company in the Akron, Canton, Medina, Kent and surrounding areas call Pioneer Basement Solutions at 1-877-321-4889

The right way to waterproof basements


People often ask me what is the right way to waterproof basements and it is out of a response to the different basement systems available; which all claim they will solve your basement water leaks once and for all.

The answer to the question is not so easy because it is situational.  Although most companies that waterproof basements take a one size fits all basement systems approach and they will stop the presence of water in your basement, the one size fits all solution will only be the best solution if the cause of  basement water leaks and results are a match to the specific basement solutions.

To make it simple, there are two types of water that cause a leak in basement and they are surface water and ground water.  Surface water problems will result in wet basement walls up high or mid wall and very little if any dampness at the bottoms of the basement walls.  This type of issue will come on very quickly after a rain and stop very quickly after the rain has stopped.  The best way to fix surface water problems that result in wet basement walls is exterior basement waterproofing.  Having new exterior basement waterproofing installed will ensure a dry foundation wall.

If you have water seepage coming out at the bottom of your basement walls and or heaved basement floor cracks you have a ground water problem.  In this case you will not likely see a leak in basement after a normal rain that passes by in a couple hours.  You would need a heavy rain and maybe one that lasts awhile.  The leak will not start right away either.  This is because it takes some time for the ground water to build up around the foundation.  Installing interior basement waterproofing will stop this problem dead in its tracks by draining the water away from underneath your basement before it is allowed to build up.  Digging and sealing the walls on the outside will not guarantee a dry basement wall just as installing  interior basement waterproofing will not guarantee dry basement walls if nothing is done to address the walls.

For more info visit: how to waterproof basements 

Which basement systems will stop your basement water leaks?


With so many  basement waterproofing companies out there and many giving different opinions on what basement systems will solve your problem, it can be very tough to decide which basement solution and which basement waterproofing contractor to choose.

First take a look at where the leak in basement is coming from to determine if you need to consider waterproofing basement walls or waterproofing basement floor.  If the water is coming out of the seam where the wall meets the floor and your basement walls are dry, an interior basement waterproofing system may be the way to go.  Water under your basement floor will not usually be solved by exterior basement waterproofing systems.

If your basement water leaks are through the walls, especially mid to upper basement walls, you may be a good candidate for exterior basement waterproofing.  But first take a look at your roof drains and other surface issues to be sure everything is working properly there.  Roof water dumping right at the foundation will wreak havoc on your foundation resulting in serious basement water leaks under heavy or moderate rains.

To best understand which of the available basement systems is best for your specific issues, consult a  basement waterproofing contractor that offers and installs all basement solutions.  Most basement waterproofing contractors actually only install one basement solution even though they may review all basement systems in an effort to steer you to the one they want to sell you.  Ask for references from customers who have had different solutions installed.

For more info visit: basement systems 

Waterproofing and Home Foundation

Your home is a big investment.  And that investment rides on the foundation that was built under your home.  So if you are having problems with your home foundation, such as a leak in basement, bowed basement walls or wet basement mold, you are putting your investment as well as your family at risk.

Homes in Ohio traditionally have basements and because Akron and Canton Ohio have many older homes, you have a lot of leaky basements and aging foundations.

The good news is that you have a lot of basement waterproofing options and there are good basement waterproofing companies in Akron and Canton.  Pioneer Basement Solutions is one of those companies that is helping home owners improve their homes and basements.

Whether you need a basement contractor to look at your leaky basement or your bowed basement walls, you can call Pioneer to get a free quote and find out more about what may be a serious foundational issue with your home.

Once people take care of basement issues, they can use the basement for storage or get a basement remodeling Ohio company.


Homeowner Foundation Worries

When should a homeowner worry about the foundation of their home?

There are varying degrees of worry about the foundation of a home.  Even minor basement water leaks means that there are foundation issues.

However, bowed basement walls are a more serious issue.

Initially homeowners foundation repair may seem like it is going to be very expensive, but homeowners often do not realize that sometimes foundation reinforcement is all that is needed.

This kind of service stabelized the foundation and basement walls, preventing further bowing of the basement walls and protecting the foundation of the home.

Pioneer Basement Solutions is an expert in foundation reinforcement and  waterproofing Akron homes as well as reinforcement and waterproofing Canton home.  We have been helping homeowners in the Canton and Akron area for many years and have dealt with the basic leak in basement,  wet basement mold, bowed basement walls and more.  We are a full basement solutions provider and our free basement inspection and quote will help you make an informed decision on protecting your families biggest investment.


Basement Finishing in Ohio

Winter is a great time in Ohio to do your basement finishing.  You probably have a lot of great basement finishing ideas but there are some things you want to remember before you start.

While putting up drywall and painting can be done by home owners, the thing you want to be careful of is to make sure your basement is not leaking or is not likely to have a future leak in basement that could damage your work and basement investment.

You also do not want to start remodeling your basement if you have bowed basement walls because that could be a sign of basement foundation issues.  If you do have a bowed basement wall it can often be reinforced so you can start finishing your basement properly.

Ohio Winters are a great time to work on the inside of your home.  Because a basement waterproofing contractor can look at your basement and give you a free assessment and quote if needed, it make sense to have someone take a look at it before you begin your home basement DIY projects.



Basement Finishing Starts With Your Basement Foundation

Do you have some great basement finishing ideas that you want to start?

Finishing your basement can be an excellent move.  It increases the value of your home and gives you a new, livable area of the home that will improve family life.

Maybe you are going to put in a family room, a rec room or a home office. These are all good ideas for your basement finishing project.  And the basement finishing cost may be lower than you think if you have a sound basement and a strong foundation.

Before you start any basement finishing project, you should have your basement foundation inspected and also check for water leaks.  Finishing your basement and then ending up with a leak in basement is an unpleasant thing to have happen to you.

This is easy.  You just call a great Ohio basement waterproofing company like Pioneer Basement Solutions and they come out and give you a free inspection and quote on any work that needs done.

This is important if you have any doubts about the long term stability and soundness of your basement walls.  Is the home foundation strong?  Are there bowed basement walls?  Is there wet basement mold hidden?

Fixing these kinds of things before you finish your basement is important so you do not waste your time.